Version 1.0: Fire - The Inferno that Fuels You
It's like Britian, but with less cheese.

Yes, this site does seem to serve little purpose when you first look at it, doesn't it?

I am a man of great imagination, some talent, and little energy. was created to be a central hub to link together all of my personal websites I planned (and still plan) to create. I'm up to eight potential sites, and counting.

Aside from that, also is haven to those who have stuck around from the days of the ultimately shut down Pokemon/Fake card site, Pokemon AAAH! (Fakecard in its later years.) The forums are a leftover from PA!'s hey-dey, as well as a joint venture between and, since vB costs a good deal of money.

That's about it for now. Maybe I'll have more to say when I have actual content.