Version 1.0: Fire - The Inferno that Fuels You
Acting as if every day ended in y. History

Here's where I record all previous layouts, to make sure that I don't repeat myself and so you can see how the site has evolved.

Version 0.5 - "I don't give a crap" - early 2005 was set up mainly so I could have a placeholder after failed. I decided to also use it as a hub for personal sites... which never got underway during this version. I blame college.

Version 1.0 (current) - Inferno - November 2005
Somehow, taking a menial minimum wage job helped me get my ambition back, and I created V1, Inferno. It was my first foray into cell-less tables using CSS, and was a frusturating but fun layout to make. I hope to actually get sites to put on here before I move on to 2.0